Week #3 Challenge - Anything That Flies

Did you know that June 20th is American Eagle Day? Well, it isn’t likely that we have eagle images handy (unless we do digi), so let’s create a card that depicts anything that flies. It could be birds, bugs, butterflies, kites, airplanes, just to name a few. Have fun! Deadline for Challenge #3 is June 12. When uploading a photo, be sure to tag it as follows: ABC#3053010, which represents today’s date. Nothing else needs to go in that box unless you are posting to other challenges and if so, separate with comas.

Week #2 Challenge - The Great Outdoors

According to my celebrations calendar, June is Great Outdoors Month (woo hoo!). Let's make a card with anything about being outside whether it's sitting in a chair, riding a bicycle (that image is hot right now), gardening, fishing, golfing, surfing, having a BBQ, etc. Post as many cards as you like. The more comments you make on cards the better we get to know you too, which is my favorite part. Be sure to tag your photo ABC#2053010 when you upload so I can paste it into our group album. Week #2 Challenge is open until June 5.

This is also a learning group, so if you need help posting, finding, searching, or just getting around on PCP, we are here to help you! I see other people who aren't part of our group (don't worry I'm working on them to join!) are enjoying our album for ideas, so let's show them more of our stuff!

Week #1 Challenge - Masculine

As mentioned, our group's challenges will work with the next month's celebrations in mind. Father's Day is an obvious one in June, so in keeping with our particular uniqueness, the challenge is to create a masculine card. It can be stamped, collaged, digi, anything that suits your style. Please tag your photo ABC#1052310 and post it by midnight Sat. 5/29. A card design winner will be chosen.  Hint: Comments made on cards you like will increase chances for winning!  Click here:  Anything But Cute Group, to join and for more information.